The Band was formed in 2003 in Thessalonica under the name Abhorrent Bestiality. The first line up was: Lazaros-vocals, Kostas-bass, Alex-guitar/backing vocals, Panagiotis-drums. 
   After some rehearsals Panagiotis left the band and was replaced by Nikos. With this formation we did our first live with COCKROACH. We also participated in the ATC PRODUCTIONS COMPILATION CD and a compilation made by our friend KGB. Then Lazaros left the band and we continued as a trio for some months until the arrival of Bill. This formation lasted until 2006. We recorded a demo with shitty sound and played various gigs with bands like Cerebral Turbulency, Sick Terror, Gutted, Korog, Radicals Amputation, Terrorismo Musical, Epithanatios Roghos and many others.
   In the summer of 2006 we recorded our self titled cd with the assistance of Mooth on drums & production. Soon afterwards Nikos left the band and some months later so did Kostas due to the obligatory military service. In February 2007 came Nikolakis on drums and Mitsos on bass and we are going on like that…